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Powered by data, we built the best in class tools to connect Brands with the right Creators, enabling Branded Content that reaches the right markets and inspires action.

Why Creator Marketing?

Creators are more than a new generation of artists, celebrities or influencers – they are authentic and credible writers, producers, and distributors of content to a large and already engaged market.

At LOKA we’re here to give you the platform, tools and support to help increase your marketing opportunities that ensure your success. There is now a better way to streamline your tasks, automate a whole bunch of things…so you can be a lot more successful. You can continue with the old (current) way of doing things or you can become disruptive with the new easy way of doing things. LOKA makes things easy for you by empowering you to find the right opportunities to connect with Brands and Creators on Campaigns, Shoutouts and Collaborations.

The global creator economy is estimated to be worth $104.2 billion.’


LOKA’s mission is simple. Ensure the Creators of today get paid for doing what they love and are amazing at. Creators are the ultimate marketing solution providers and storytellers. We want you to think of LOKA as your in-house marketing team helping you anyway we can to ensure scale and monetization. We want to help you save time, make things easy and ensure you make (more) money doing what you love. We’re there with you every step of the way. If you want to level up you’re in the right place, welcome to LOKA. There has never been a marketing agency or media company there to truly help you until now. LOKA is here and we look forward to working with you.

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As you can see, we love marketing; there are so many different features and levels to it, so much to think through and discuss. We really enjoy hearing people’s success stories and what works for them along with what doesn’t and the potential solutions to make things work. It’s all about creativity, best fit and doing cool things people will enjoy, remember and get real value from. At LOKA we’re always looking for disruptive marketers to join the team. Send us a message with why you’re a solid fit or if you would like to hop on a 1-on-1 strategy call to talk through marketing opportunities and custom ones that may be right for you. Hit us up anytime, our email is

One last thing, we’re excited to introduce and share with you our Branded Content Segments and Original Programming that we have in the works. We hope you enjoy free events, special experiences and unreal contests — as that’s what we have planned for you!

It is LOKA Media’s mission to help 10,000+ Creators earn over $100,000+ a year monetizing their passion.

LOKA is our purpose. LOKA in Sanskrit translates to World. And no matter where you are in the World…we look forward to Connecting You To Your Market.

Meet The Team

The people that make magic happen!

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